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Good Friday


There has been darkness before
but never was there darkness like this.
The sun rose as usual, yet
by nine o’clock in the morning,
there was no more light or warmth
than we’d known at midnight in the Garden.
Betrayal is dark and cold.
Fear is dark and cold.
Silence is dark and cold.

Once betrayed, it mattered not
that silver was poured back
into the hands that first gave it.
Darkness deepened for Judas who
wished he had never been born.
Deep despair plunged him
into the deeper darkness of death.

And the rest of us?
Peter denied he’d ever known the Master.
And one denial was not enough.
It took three before they left him alone by the fire.
Then a rooster crowed to greet the dawn.
As they led the Master around the corner,
his dark, exhausted eyes looked deep into Peter’s.

The rest of us ran away last night.
We scattered like lost sheep, yet found each other
in the room where we last broke bread and drank wine.
Now, we hide in darkness,
filled with fear and shame.
We wonder what is happening out there
yet we have no courage to leave
the darkness to find out.

We’ve sent the women.
No one will notice them
in the Passover crowds.
They will be out there in the light of day
while we hide in the deep darkness
of our betrayal, our fear, our silence.
We hope that they will return with good news.
Yet we are not sure they will return at all.
Why should they?

There has been darkness before
but never was there darkness like this.
It is so deep.
It is so cold.
It is so dark.
We fear such darkness inside us
can never be healed.

© The Rev. Sheila N. McJilton
Crucifixion by Salvador Dali accessed at Google images

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