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Conversation between friends

Last Sunday afternoon, I posted something on Facebook about Social Media Sunday coming up. A close friend and I then had some personal conversation about whether Social Media Sunday (#SMS2017) runs the risk of being “gimmicky,” and whether it is possible that what people are looking for is something quite different. Are they looking for places of sanctuary, places of refuge, a place of respite AWAY from the constant barrage of texts, phone calls, e-mails? Do people long for a deep place of contemplation and quiet? A place of deep mystery?

This conversation, which was a loving and thoughtful one–because my friend and I love and respect one another–gave me much food for thought.

Two Givens

The first “given,” for me, is that for a variety of reasons, I have chosen to stay inside the boundaries of the institutional Church. Yes, there was a time in my life when I came face to face with such injustice and ugliness in a parish, I wrestled with whether I could stay in the Church, or if–for the sake of my own soul–I had to leave it.  Ultimately,  I decided I had to stay and do what things I could–however small they might be–to heal brokenness in such a system.


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